I really love to recycle my cans, bottles, and anything I can. This place makes it so easy for you. All you have to do is bring your stuff in, better if you have it sorted out already, with bottle tops off, and off they go with measuring it by the pound and you get a slip, and out you go with your cash in hand!! I have gone here about three times here, and it’s just so easy and happy for the Earth!! Thank you Cans Plus!!
Breanah S.
Lake Elsinore, CA
Not much of a recycling person but took 3 trash cans worth of cans and got 4.00 I say wow what’s the point of saving them if it takes 4.00 in gas to get there. I see so many people walking or riding their bike here and wonder why. All that trouble for one trash bag that’s worth less then a 1.00 I’ll just have to save more cans next time. 🙂
Scotty W.
Lake Elsinore, CA
Went here based on the review i read and was not disappointed, they even have a vip customer card and you get an extra .06 cents a lb when u use it. they accept other companies coupons and i went early in the day and they came to my car to assist me. very good service.
Lori E.
Riverside, CA
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